Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Rep Alan Grayson sent this not-so-subtle message to possible donors.  The Tea Party is repeatedly accused of fear mongering while they are targeted by fear campaigns like you see here.   The Tea Party is repeatedly accused of being motivated by racism while they are targeted by racially-fueled propaganda.   Funny that the very party that created this terror group accuses everyone else of being affiliated with it.  The Tea Party does not want to share in your people’s hate-filled philosophy, Mr. Grayson.  And by the way, what racist ideal is of the Tea Party?   The consistent message of the Tea Party is that of small government. 

Should we be afraid of liberty and responsibility or those that wish to demonize that very thought?  Imagine a husband telling the neighborhood that his wife was racist and threatening everyone’s lives because she would not let him buy a new Benz on credit while they are losing their house.  This is the argument Alan Grayson makes because Alan Grayson is disgusting, shameless, and void of integrity.

… And a grandmaster KKK clansman of 40 years (in my opinion)

See how that’s done?  Now trust in my dishonesty and spread the word to all of your sheeple!





  1. you're just dumb as fuck. Really?? YOU are every bit the same as a Muslim terrorist. THEY too take pics like yours standing in front of their flag, holding their "holy" book and posing with assault weapons. Where in YOUR holy book does it say anything about guns or America for that matter???? Another stupid human filled with fear of the brown and black and yellow and red kind. I hope you accidentally shoot yourself in the cunt so you cannot lay eggs.

  2. If the shoe fits?
    When will the TEABAGGERS stand up to the racists in their party?
    Until then you made your bed, lay in it!