Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mitch McConnell: The Call Girl

When my husband joined the Army, he was bombarded with questions to discover whether or not he had a history of drug use or financial distress.  When he applied for his security clearance, he was subjected to extensive background checks to verify the answers to those questions.  Most soldiers go through these necessary procedures for one reason.  Someone who has used drugs can be rehabilitated and function just like anyone else.  Someone who has been in financial trouble can reverse their fortune and live responsibly. A soldier’s past is examined to ensure that he or she is less likely to relapse into the same problems and allow an opportunity for an enemy to turn the soldier by using drugs or money.  Plain and simple, a weak person is a target for leverage.

Mitch McConnell started his political career with the best intentions. He has an outstanding record on pro-life voting and the protection of the 2nd Amendment.  When it comes to fiscal responsibility and individual liberty, he has eroded.  Over time, McConnell has learned that as a mediocre political figure, he has to steal American tax dollars in order to be re-elected.  Time and again, he has brought substantial pork home to Kentucky.  The projects he has earmarked have given him power, job security, and in his own words, “clout.”  This has developed into an addiction.  McConnell is the senator who repeatedly barks about a ban on earmarks while ranking in the top of his peers for earmarked money.  By some estimates, McConnell actually requests more pork than anyone else.  McConnell was personally responsible for $1.5 billion in earmark requests during the “transparency years” of 2008-2010.  Most recently, McConnell was paid off with another $2.9 billion for the shutdown deal.  He comprises every time; these prices are small for democrats to pay.  The guys he is negotiating with love to write government checks.  For democrats, they are giving McConnell $100 worth of presents for a $20,000 car.  Great deal.  For McConnell, it is like he is negotiating for Christmas presents for his grandkids by trading in his unknowing neighbor’s car.  Easy enough. 

Like any other addict, Mitch McConnell is taken advantage of by those who see his weakness.  Like a prostitute turning tricks to make it from one high to the next, McConnell is used and abused regularly.  He has followed the same routine for decades: talk tough, concede for a kickback, save face, rinse and repeat.  Take a look at his voting record and it is plain to see McConnell is not firm on very many convictions, save for gun control and abortion.  He has lain down, flip flopped, and weaseled into whatever vote will get him more pork.  His cornerstone belief is that he is in his rightful place; he will do anything to stay there. 

Mitch McConnell does not stand on principle, he stands on the throats of the taxpayers that line the pockets of his big donors and fund his pet projects.  He even bragged about his sleazy tactics to justify his reelection when he feared defeat in 2008. 

“The biggest issue in this race is whether or not our small state is going to continue to have a person of significant clout in Washington or whether we are to trade that person in for a rookie.”

He knows he is inadequate, but hey, he can bring in more pork than the other guy.  Mitch McConnell is nothing but a whore standing ready to do anything for a dollar.  He is not what Kentucky needs; he is not what America needs.  I plead with Kentucky to vote this dubious corpse out and vote for what is right.  We need strong, fiscal conservatives in office, not thieves and con-artists.  #MoneyMitch


Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Rep Alan Grayson sent this not-so-subtle message to possible donors.  The Tea Party is repeatedly accused of fear mongering while they are targeted by fear campaigns like you see here.   The Tea Party is repeatedly accused of being motivated by racism while they are targeted by racially-fueled propaganda.   Funny that the very party that created this terror group accuses everyone else of being affiliated with it.  The Tea Party does not want to share in your people’s hate-filled philosophy, Mr. Grayson.  And by the way, what racist ideal is of the Tea Party?   The consistent message of the Tea Party is that of small government. 

Should we be afraid of liberty and responsibility or those that wish to demonize that very thought?  Imagine a husband telling the neighborhood that his wife was racist and threatening everyone’s lives because she would not let him buy a new Benz on credit while they are losing their house.  This is the argument Alan Grayson makes because Alan Grayson is disgusting, shameless, and void of integrity.

… And a grandmaster KKK clansman of 40 years (in my opinion)

See how that’s done?  Now trust in my dishonesty and spread the word to all of your sheeple!




Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Spider Saves the Mosquito

                The mosquito was hungry.  His whole life had been next to the pond and he lived it the same each day.  He buzzed around the pond from sun up to sun down with his friends.  They played games and dreamed of the great things they would do in their lifetime.  In the late afternoon, when the dog came to get a drink, the mosquito and his friends would feed on its blood.  They always ate well, until the dog became sick from the constant feedings.  The dog was dying.  The mosquito did not care for the dog, but now he was hungry.  He was helpless without the dog.  It was his nature.

                The mosquito did not know where to turn, so he watched the other insects to see how they thrived.  He noticed the butterfly had nice lifestyle; flowers were abundant and always there for food.  The mosquito wondered how he could live his life that easily.  He watched the caterpillar as the caterpillar worked all day.  The caterpillar dreamed of becoming a butterfly and worked tirelessly to achieve his goals without regard to the world around him.  It was his nature.  The mosquito asked the caterpillar why he worked so hard. 

“I am working to become a butterfly one day,” the caterpillar was happy to enlighten the mosquito.  “All day long I travel long distances to find food to store for my energy.  All night I work to build my cocoon.  That will surely help me to become a butterfly one day.”

The mosquito was confused.

“But, where is my food?  The dog is now sick.  Where is my cocoon?  I do not have one,” the mosquito explained.

“I will show you what you need to do and how hard you must work,” said the caterpillar.  “I want you to be as grand as the butterfly like I will be.”

“I cannot do that, it is simply too much.  You are delusional to think that you can become a butterfly solely on your own.  There must be another way,” the mosquito asserted.

The spider saw everything; he rested above the other insect and always watched them to find his next prey.  He noticed the plight of the mosquito and thought he could help. 

“Why does the caterpillar get to become a butterfly and not you?” the spider questioned the mosquito.

“The caterpillar works very hard,” the mosquito confidently answered.  “Watch him as he labors night and day.”

“The caterpillar was born to be a butterfly.  You are not a caterpillar; you will starve and die without the dog.” 

“What can I do?  I cannot become a butterfly.  I did not travel far and wide to find food for my energy.  I did not work tireless each night to build a cocoon,” the mosquito protested.

“Everyone should be as happy as the butterfly.  The world is unjust,” the spider appealed to the mosquito. 

The mosquito became envious and asked for the spider’s aid.  The spider explained how he could save the mosquito.  The mosquito and the spider would solicit the caterpillar for help because the caterpillar had prepared for himself enough and others needed his assistance.  The mosquito would lead the caterpillar into the spider’s trap, where he would be stuck.  The mosquito could then feed on the caterpillar for energy and then use his cocoon to transform into a butterfly.  The mosquito had no other choice.  He obliged and asked the caterpillar for help.

“It is really not my place to feed you or build your cocoon.  I am barely making it on my own,” the caterpillar said.

“Look at the mosquito,” the spider said to the caterpillar.  “He cannot survive on his own.  You were born into a better environment and you have plenty.  It is only right that you help those that are in need.”  The spider was convincing.

The caterpillar conceded to the spider and began helping the mosquito each day.  The mosquito used the caterpillar and led him into the spider’s trap.  The mosquito then drained the caterpillar until he was dead.  The spider’s plan had saved the mosquito’s life.

“Now you must go to Compunction Cavern.  That is where the caterpillar built his cocoon and it is where you will begin your new, happy life as a butterfly,” announced the spider.

The mosquito was overjoyed.  He raced to Compunction Cavern without delay.  The spider was a godsend.  He flew as fast as he could, not watching where he was going and not stopping in time before he slammed into the spider’s web.  He was stunned; surely this must be a mistake.  The spider will come by to free him and get him into the cocoon he deserved.  He heard something.

“Spider, is that you?” said one voice.

“I am ready to get into my new cocoon!” shouted another.  “I have been waiting so long!”

“Have you brought a caterpillar for us to feed on?  We are so hungry” asked a distant voice.

The mosquito looked around.  Dozens of other mosquitos were stuck in the same, complex spider web.  His heart sank.

“No, it is just me.  The mosquito,” he said with a broken spirit.

The other mosquitos started to panic.  Their optimism quickly left them as they began screaming for help; they were all doomed to the same trap.

The spider had a pipeline of easy prey because he was smart, deceitful, and methodical.  It was his nature.  The spider stayed well fed for a long time.  The spider, however, did not consider the bat.  The bat had been waiting.  He knew he could not save the caterpillar; the caterpillar was self-absorbed and could not see what was going on around him.  He knew he could not save the mosquito, as he was too envious and unwilling to help himself.

The bat waited until the spider was too immersed in this dubious game to see him coming.  He swooped in and ate the spider quickly and quietly as he had planned.  He thought he could save the caterpillars, now that the spider was gone.  However, there were no caterpillars left.  He went to Compunction Cavern to save the mosquitos, but was met with horror when he found that the mosquitos were thrashing around, trying to eat each other out of starvation.
He returned alone, sadly, to his home in Contumacious Cave.  He would have to learn to live with less, now that the spider had decimated his environment.  But the bat was ready for anything; he was patient, independent, aware, and resourceful.  It was his nature.
-Hashtag Holly

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shutdown Showdown: Who the Hell Cares?

The federal government has now been shut down for five days.  Five days of apocalyptic doom has swept over the country and we are now living in an episode of The Walking Dead.  Everyone knew that we couldn't function without the help of a fully functioning, burgeoning US government; no one could imagine it would come to this.  Excuse me while I wake up from a democrat’s nightmare and continue about my everyday life.  We do have a government shutdown, but the effects are non-existent.  Both sides of the aisle have acted and continue to behave like children and there is a clamoring for the heads of those responsible.  Continually, the question is asked, “Who gets the blame for this?”  The 17 trillion dollar question is, “Who the hell cares?”

Republicans in congress have blamed Harry Reid and President Obama for the government shutdown.  Everyone else in the world has blamed Ted Cruz and John Boehner.  The blame belongs in the dumpster with the rest of the partisan garbage; both parties are trying to gain political ground from this manufactured crisis but neither seems to realize that the public will not care one year from now.  Most Americans don’t understand the shutdown, nor do they care.  Many thought they would not have to go to school, or wouldn’t get their mail.  Some believed that their electric would be turned off in the middle of the night and their precious Wi-Fi symbol would not appear on their iSomething.  Some of the most informed of citizens thought a government shutdown would include at least some terrible backlash.  Many predicted the economy would be devastated; the S&P500 welcomed a shutdown, with a 0.8% gain on October 1st.  While Congress and the administration are primarily concerned with the blame game, the American public will be relieved about how little the federal government plays a role in their lives.  Recipients of government assistance are still being paid; they don’t care.  Liberals seem to think this is the worst thing that has ever happened to them, although they can’t explain why.  Conservatives are relishing in a moment of the tiniest shrinkage of government whilst President Obama contends, “I was in the pool!”

The worst atrocity the administration has weaponized is the closing of national parks and open-air monuments.  Park employees are over capacity making sure that no money is wasted because of the milling about of patriots who want to see what their tax dollars have already constructed.  

We the People should shrug off the shutdown because, whether you are a liberal or conservative, the temporary closing of national parks should not affect your core beliefs.  The government shutdown is all but proven to be a Hollywood production; asinine and cost-adding park closings are laughably the worst pain the administration can inflict.  This emergency has been is a farce and it shows so much that Congress and all media have moved on to running a new line, “If you think this is bad, wait until the debt ceiling debate.” 

The debt ceiling is the next faux crisis on the administrations agenda.  The talking points funneling through the news are now shifting to whether or not Congress will allow the US to default on its debt.  Since the treasury is the number one holder of our debt, this would mostly amount to you giving your cousin, Eddie, an IOU to borrow a worthless baseball card, and then cutting the baseball card up and not returning one of the slivers by the date you promised.  Cousin Eddie doesn't really care; he prints the baseball cards off of his Lexmark. 

To digress, the US will not default on its debt.  The 14th Amendment forbids defaulting on old debts, so the representative branch and the president are required to pay our interest requirements before anything else.  No questions asked.  The estimated tax receipts for next year are three trillion dollars.  The interest payments on our debt will amount to $400 billion at most, and that is if interest rates were to raise as much as some experts predict.  Default is not possible.  However, the real spending kicks in with Social Security and Medicare, which are estimated to be about $1.8 trillion.  This worst case scenario would leave $800 billion, plenty of money to pay for defense, VA benefits, federal retirement, and welfare programs.  Keeping the debt ceiling at its present level will not induce catastrophe; only public awareness and congressional haste, both good things.  These mushrooming programs and out-of-control spending categories, as well as foreign aid and special earmarked pork must be slashed now; the can has been kicked for too long and snowballed enough that it cannot be ignored and is impossible to wish away.

This shutdown crisis is a paper tiger; the debt limit crisis is a paper tiger.  Those who are blind to the real world will not be affected as their Honey BooBoo marathon will continue as scheduled.  Those who are awake will see how little we need our federal government.  In this aspect, Obama and democrats have overplayed their hand.   The longer the debate, the less vitriol the public will have towards the GOP.  If the shutdown continues and the debt limit is not increased, Americans will go to work, come home, eat chicken wings, and realize, “What exactly are our taxes paying for?”

Republicans need to call Obama’s bluff and the political impact will reverse.  The administration can only tell us how catastrophic things are for so long before we look around and wonder what they are talking about.  Specifically, squishy House Republicans need to hold the line.  Do what you were elected to do.  Fight Obamacare, reduce the size of government, #GrowAPair, and stand up to the #PaperTiger.  #WhoTheHellCares

-Hashtag Holly