Sunday, July 7, 2013

Spy Versus Spy: Finding Closure with Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden, the whistleblower, spy, hero, villain, is now Tom Hanks without a Wilson.  He is stuck, alone on castaway island, and all by himself.  His last hope for a home is Venezuela, a wicked place that is as good as any to sign a book deal.  So as the man who leaked one of the biggest bombshells in recent history begs every country on Earth for asylum and the US government slams every door, the media and the people argue his historical place.

No surprise that the feds and other demonic beings (Cheney) called for his head outright.  No surprise that the hippies called for his nomination to run on the Green Party ticket next year.  No surprise that your everyday-er doesn't know Edward Snowden from Edward Scissorhands.  The issue that must be addressed is that "We the People" are still largely undecided.  How do we ignore the media and other barking dogs to come to a rational decision of what to think of actions such as Snowden's.  The man himself is not as important as what he has done.  Do we stand against big government at every angle and support vigilante actions to chip away from it?  Do we run to big brother in fear and allow it to crush any opposition because this is, as always, a matter of national security and public safety?  The correct process is to look deeply into the details surrounding each case and make the right decision.  This is not a menial thought process to take, it is very important on how the public remembers this case and ones like it in the future because it has huge implications on our acceptance of overreaches and the treatment of dissidents.

Important Fact 1:  Edward Snowden is the enemy of our enemy; something that I think most Americans can agree upon.  No, the US government is not your enemy if you are a sane person.  However, government overreaches and breaches of constitutional protections should be something that all Americans hate.  The military swears to defend the constitution before anything or anyone else; it should be the most important political thing we care about as well.  

We turned a blind eye during World War 2 while Stalin continued killing millions of his own people.  Even before the War, Stalin was killing American immigrants on the basis of terrorism.  After World War 2, our focus turned to stop Stalin.  During the Revolutionary War, we gladly accepted all the help we could get from France, although they murdered entire villages just years earlier during the French and Indian War.  Years later, we spit in their face when they asked for help against Britain and again went to war with them based off of mutual hatred.  Hosni Mubarak was a terrible man that was overlooked because he played by our rules and stood with us publicly on most issues.  We used Mubarak up and let him be trampled when his chips were down.  The historical precedence for dealing with enemies of our enemies is to turn a blind eye and accept the help until it is no longer useful for us.  That does not make it okay.

Important Fact 2:  Snowden is a traitor because he has given away information to the Chinese and undoubtedly, the Russians and everyone else who has given him a forum.  The question that needs to be asked in regards to this second fact is, can we overlook him giving away secret information to other countries in order to save his own skin?  The answer must be no.

We should be willing to happily watch Snowden receive his judgement from the US government because he fled the country and sold his soul to keep his freedom.  He seeks asylum from countries where there is little freedom.  The reality of Edward Snowden is that he is either out to hurt America in anyway possible, or he is a snake who cares more for himself than even his own cause.  A hero cannot also be a weasel.  

The recipe for being a hero is to first do something heroic, then stand by what you have done.  If a person is truly being selfless and doing what is right, the people will stand with that person as they are saved or as they go down a martyr.  Snowden is simply a snake and should be viewed historically as a useful idiot.  Everyone suspected that the federal government was spying on law-abiding citizens, but not to what extent and with no smoking gun.  The lesson for others who find themselves in Snowden's shoes is if you want to be a hero, be heroic.  Thank you for the leaked information Edward Snowden, that action alone was the right thing to do.  Now, go rot in an Obama gulag camp. 

The sad truth of this story is the lack of outrage over the leaked information.  Most who are even still talking about NSA spying are talking about Edward Snowden and not the fact that everyone's fourth amendment rights continue to be molested everyday.  This post is as guilty as any.  The Obama administration has masterfully turned this story on its head and made it about a nerdy hacker.  I have made my judgement, make yours and move on to the 4th Amendment.

-Hashtag Holly

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